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Pinsent Masons Pensions Services has been providing pensions management, scheme secretarial and trustee services since the 1990s (with trustee services provided under the name Trustee Solutions Limited). The team was involved in some of the highest profile winding up schemes of the 2000s, including ASW and UEF. That experience gave the team a unique insight into the management and resolution of some of the most challenging problems that can be faced by pension schemes.

Building on that experience, we developed a scheme secretarial practice, focused on providing full support to schemes in a way that enables trustees to implement their strategy without drama, fuss or ego. This can require anything from basic secretarial support to a full pensions management role. 

Alongside the scheme secretarial practice, we developed a project management role. 

We focus our project management practice on those projects which, while technically demanding, are more truly defined by the fact that the success of the project is dependent is engaging the timely and enthusiastic support of senior personnel for the achievement of business-critical objectives.  

The trusteeship services that we offer have evolved, so that in addition to providing conventional trusteeship of occupational pension schemes, we also now act as trustee of large death benefit trusts, as bare trustee of financial services products established through that mechanism.

Over the course of more than 20 years, we have evolved from a traditional independent trustee into a full service support offering for pension schemes. We believe that we have a unique history and experience, and as a result we are uniquely well-placed to support large complex schemes.



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