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The client wanted to replace the third party administrator (TPA) for their pension scheme administration. An employee benefit consultant carried out an initial review of potential TPAs. This exercise produced an agreed list of potential providers. We already acted as quasi pension manager and also undertook the scheme secretarial role and another colleague acts as independent trustee.  We agreed with the client to take on the procurement stage of this project.

Tasks undertaken

The team produced a Request for Information (RFI) and issued it to the prospective providers. Upon receipt of the response to the RFI, we undertook an analysis and sent this to the trustee board for consideration. The analysis was also discussed at the next trustee meeting and a decision made, subject to a site visit at which we were invited to attend. We fed back the decision to all providers who had responded to the RFI.

We were then engaged by the client to mange the transition from the old TPA to the new TPA.

This was an unusual case because normally we would be engaged by the client from the start of the project so that we could handle the full selection process.  

Basis of the project

We were asked to manage the selection project, based on the list of potential providers selected by the employee benefit consultant who had undertaken the earlier project. The areas the project covered were:

  • Acting as Project Manager
  • Producing and issuing an RFI
  • Analysing the responses to the RFI
  • Attending the trustee meeting to discuss the analysis of the responses received
  • Giving feedback to the unsuccessful providers
  • Management of the transition project from the old TPA to the new TPA

How we added value

  • A project plan ensured that nothing was missed
  • Provision of pension administration expertise
  • Excellent knowledge of the providers acting as TPAs
  • Due to experience, we were able to manage the transition to new TPA



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