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The client had an in-house pension administration team and many of the team had been employed in their respective roles for many years. The employer had been inquisitive over the years and had acquired many businesses and their pension schemes. Procedures and protocols were not documented and not all calculations were automated or linked to automatic letter production.

Tasks undertaken

The team undertook to produce an administration guide setting out how things should be done. This was achieved with the help of the in-house administration team and checking practice to scheme rules. In addition, calculation proforma were produced, standard letters and forms reviewed and processes were checked for efficiency. Other areas that were reviewed were data and GMP data.

Basis of the project

We were asked to manage the consultation project. The areas the project covered were:

  • Acting as Project Manager
  • Undertaking meetings with the administration team
  • Documentation of procedures and checking these back to scheme rules
  • Undertaking a review of administration effectiveness and efficiency
  • Working with other professionals regarding scheme automation and workflow

How we added value

  • The project plan ensured that nothing was missed
  • Provision of pensions and operational expertise
  • Improved efficiency of the scheme administration
  • Provided communications which were technically correct and in plain English
  • Helped to get calculations automated and linked to automatic letter production
  • Helped to mitigate the key person risk
  • Helped to save the employer costs



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